Sofia Prado, Member at large

Currently living in Merced, CA, Sofia works as a Biologist at the Applegate Park Zoo for rescued animals. Applegate Park Zoo currently houses approximately 150 rescued animals.  Sofia personally has four rescued dogs:  Chiquitina (cattle dog), Korra (beagle mix), Billy (terrier mix) who were all rescued in Mexico, and Mandarina (pug mix) who was rescued in Merced.  She also has Tikal, the ex-feral cat and Penelope, the adopted bunny; both of whom are both from Merced.  Sofia has a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Biology from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.

In 2004, at the age of 14, Sofia started a private dog shelter in her hometown, Monterrey, Mexico.  Along with her father, they rescued one dog and have been running the rescue continuously ever since.  Focusing not only dogs but also helping cats, horses, donkeys and even some exotics when needed, their shelter provides free spay/neuter and medical assistance, vaccinations, and adoption assistance.  Sofia also has experience in wildlife rescuing through her volunteer work in Peru at a jungle animal rescue and rehabilitation center, as well as a big cat rescue effort in Mexico (3 lions and a tiger). 

On Rescue and R.A.W.R.: “While so much rescue effort is poured into adoptions and saving animals, one life at a time, more organizations need to focus on preventative action to save not one, but thousands of lives.  Specifically, through programs like low cost or free spaying and neutering and education and a focus on guiding local legislation. My biggest hope through RAWR is that we can actively work to solve the animal overpopulation problem in Merced with these programs and help Merced become a more compassionate place for all animals.”
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