Sarah Rank, Vice President/Treasurer


Currently living in Merced, CA, Sarah grew up in Merced, CA but split her time in Chowchilla, CA where she graduated from Chowchilla High School.  Working in business management and finance for over 12 years, 7 of those years she worked for UC Merced for Recreation & Athletics. Sarah is now working on her Master’s degree in Management and Public Administration while also working full time and fostering/animal rescue. Recently married to her best friend Matthew, their life adventures have just begun.

Sarah has had pets her entire life, and right now has a pack of her own, due to her soft spot for senior dogs and animals with disabilities.  Her pets consist of two 15 year old Chihuahuas named Winston and Obi, two 9 year old black terriers named Yoda and Dakota, an 8 year old peach poodle in a wheelchair named Henry, and a 5 year old white poodle named Chewy.

Sarah’s start into animal rescue was simple, helping to raise funds for a single van transport and helping load animals onto that transport. From there it blossomed and she’s now helped with everything from arranging transports, driving animals, doing behavioral testing, vaccinations, health certificates and paperwork for transports, owner surrender conversations, and even hoarding cases.  In her three years in animal rescue, Sarah has fostered over 600 animals in her home, and transported over 250 animals in her personal vehicle. 

On Rescue and R.A.W.R.:  “My passion for animal rescue has always been deep rooted in my soul. When we were younger, we rescued strays and helped them find their homes, or gave them a home ourselves. We took in a chihuahua with a crooked tail that the breeder was going to euthanize, we took in a stray that was knocking on death's door and nursed her back to health, we adopted senior chihuahuas from the shelters that looked broken and alone, and we always loved them unconditionally. When I started working with another rescue group locally, I knew that this was what I was meant to do. Finding compassion for animals who have no voice, finding empathy for owners who just need help, finding a way to look past the terrible things that sometimes happen to these pets and nursing them back to a better life...Finding the hope in the darkness.”