Animals are surrenderEd every day for very simple reasons from families who want to keep them...

Boy Cuddling with his Dog
By providing resources for families, we hope to reduce the number of animals surrendered by families who truly want to keep them. 
To date this program has allowed us to assist owners with food, minor medical expenses, collars and leashes, and even just a warm bed for their pet. By providing these low cost solutions to major problems, we've been able to assist at least 10 large breed dogs who would be high risk in a shelter environment stay with their families.

This program will be provided through donations of goods, services, and funding to assist families to keep their pets. Assistance will be evaluated based on need and will have a large amount of interaction between our volunteers and the families in need. 


This is not a program to simply help when times are tough, it's a program to assist families in need that can provide for their animals in the long-term care they will need. As the program begins, we will be reaching out to other similar service-providers in California to gain insight and ensure programmatic success.