Until we can successfully end the unwanted companion animal population,

transport and adoptions will still be necessary to save lives. 

Transport is a general term used in the rescue community for moving animals from areas with lower adoption rates to areas where families are waiting to adopt. 
While we understand that some people may not be comfortable with rescues who transport out of state,the reality is that areas out of state do not have the unwanted pet population that we do, but have homes waiting for animals. 
Any rescues that animals are transported to are personally verified by one of the board members. We do not send to rescues that we cannot either see in person or do not have a direct contact with someone who has been at the rescue in person.
Even though there are a lot of companion animals waiting for adoption, there are a large number of rescues or shelters to handle those adoptions. The process of adoption animals requires an extensive amount of time and resources. RAWR will let adoption groups handle adoptions, and we will put our resources towards reducing the number of unwanted animals.
Interested in adopting? Check out for local rescues and shelters near you!!