Trap - Neuter - Release, TNR, or Community CAt Programs are a critical component of managing the cat population.

TNR allows for cat colonies to be fixed, vaccinated, and marked, ensuring that they do not continue to add to the unwanted cat population or spread diseases. Merced County Animal Shelter takes in a tremendous amount of unwanted cats and kittens every year, and TNR is the only way to reduce these intake numbers. 

Cats are not taken randomly, but are trapped humanely after notifications to the area where the trapping will take place. Cats are marked with a small ear tip to notify future volunteers that the animal has already been altered, reducing the redundancy costs. 

The cost per feral cat is roughly $65.

This includes spay or neuter, Rabies vaccine, and an antibiotic shot.

Feral cats are released back to the colony once the TNR is completed.