Aimee Rank, Secretary

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Currently living in Merced, CA, Aimee grew up in Merced, CA but split her time in Chowchilla, CA where she graduated from Chowchilla High School. Aimee has worked in business management and finance for over 6 years as a team member of the UC Merced Counseling and
Psychological Services department. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from American Public University (a degree she completed solely online while also working full-time and being involved in animal rescue!). Aimee has recently applied to several Nurse Practitioner programs. Aimee has had pets her entire life including a cat named Windy that was part of the family when Aimee was born who has since crossed the rainbow bridge. She currently gives her entire heart to her Manchester Terrier named Timmy.

Aimee’s start into animal rescue was simple, helping to raise funds for a single van transport and helping load animals onto that transport. While not as actively involved in the hands-on process of rescue because of her very soft heart, she is involved behind the scenes providing marketing flyers and other administrative duties. She has also provided transport to dogs in the central valley to assist them in getting to their rescue. Aimee recently moved back in with her mother (President of RAWR) and is now assisting with fosters including those with medical needs.

On Rescue and R.A.W.R.: “Helping those in need is my passion which is where animal rescue and my chosen career align. I believe as a community, we need to care for those who are voiceless and providefor those in need. The central valley of California has grown at such a rapid pace and the growth has notafforded the services necessary to provide quality care for the animals in this area. My hope is thatRAWR can provide guidance and support to animal owners while striving to reduce the population ofunwanted pets. I truly believe prevention is wiser than destruction.”